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Bruce and Lulu are back to being inseparable and no more fights. I am very thankful. Erica H, Casting Director, My Cat From Hell
Just wanted to let you both know how effective our session was and how much I appreciate you both. Worth EVERY penny! Happy Cat Parent
They are "Rad Cat Mom's!" Mayim Bialik, Actor, BIg Bang Theory, Call Me Kat
You have 30 cats between you? I aspire to that! Chef Bobby Flay, Made By Nacho
My new family member is now successfully integrating with my older cats. Life is happy and everyone is calm. Thank you so much! Happy Cat Parent
Rita and Linda are the "Dynamic Duo" of Cat Behavior! Arden Moore, Pet Safety Guru,
I am a big fan of your show, 19 Cats and Counting! Margaret Cho, Actor and Comedian
Thank You both for your help with Kitty! Callie McCullough, Singer and CCMA Nominee

The LUCKY CAT Approach
to Feline Behavior Correction

Rita has a unique method she uses for correcting those undesirable cat behaviors, based on her foundation for correcting building trust with cats. She calls it The L.U.C.K.Y. C.A.T. Approach to Feline Behavior Correction. This is a gentle method she uses to help you build a deeper bond with your cat, discouraging those unwanted cat behaviors while rewarding those positive actions we all love about cats.

Rita knows that most cat behavior is centered around the FOUR PEGS of what motivates all cats everyday. You will learn more about PEGS in the following chapters.


Rita is in the process of writing this content, especially for YOU!

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